More travel tips

So an hour into my ten hour flight, the entertainment system failed, which has taught me a couple more traveling lessons.

The first is to always fully charge your laptop and all electronic devices such as PDAs and iPods before boarding. My laptop was drained, which only gave me about an hour of juice.

The second is not to rely on the plane having the correct power adapter for your laptop. They use universal adapters with a kitty bag of roughly 20 male/female fittings to connect to your PC. Of course these tend to go walkabouts. So no juice and no power. Lesson being – bring your own adapter.

Third lesson is to chog your iPod full with podcasts before you go. I had two hours worth which is normally ample, but with no laptop and no ents, those hours are soon used.

Fourth is to bring some light reading, not just business-related stuff. There’s only so much edification you can take at 30,000ft.

Fifth is to slap a DVD in your bag, so you can watch it on your laptop if the inflight entertainment dies (or if you get an old plane where you can’t control the movie selection.) This would be a good time to watch that latest series of 24 (which incidentally is almost as good as the first IMHO).

Thank goodness the Blackberry has a wireless off, plane safe mode. And hurrah for moblogging so this can wing its way once we touch down.

Apologies for the volley of posts – clearly going cabin crazy…

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