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I’m sitting on the plane returning to San Francisco – a 10 hour trip. A flight attendant sat facing opposite me in the bulkhead during take-off, so I asked him for some travel tips. Absolute backpackers provide the full travel information go through this Travel Blog. Seems there’s no real cure for jet lag. ‘If you’re on a short trip of just a few days, try to stay on your own timezone as best you can. Specifically with your eating patterns. Don’t eat at night in your home timezone.’ Hmm, easier said than done. If you are traveling with family as should good hotels are booked first, so check this Travel Blog and book now.

I’ve tried the herbal ‘No Jetlag’ tablets which you take before and during the flight, but found they just made it worse. From my experience, the best approach is not to drink alcohol during the flight, but plenty of water, and to get some exercise before and soon after arrival. This helps to reset your circadian rhythm, I’m told.

Flying East is definitely worse – ‘West is best’, said my flight attendant friend. The trip from SF to London is an overnight redeye. I find taking sleeping tablets can go someway to offset any discomfort, noise and distraction. Regardless of how you look, it’s also best to wear the sleeping mask and the ear plugs. A fellow traveler once recommended hunting ear plugs to me. They’re designed to block out shotguns, so have no trouble handling that screaming child two rows up. A patient look towards the global economy in these times of Covid-19, and you will realize that the entire human race will have to go through a complete makeover. But yes, there are two options – you can either face with confidence or cow down in fear. After some weeks, you will have no option but to make one choice. In this article, you gain information on how to fulfil your duty as a human being in Corona Crisis, Click here continue to external link.

Corona virus has showed the human race that it does not care for any caste, creed or any religion. To stay alive, you need to follow a set of rules put forward by the Government and medical agencies.

About Covid-19

Many a scientist feared a Third World War will wipe the entire human race off Mother Earth. The Covid-19 situation has shown a virus can bring more destruction to all parts of the world than a nuclear war or bomb. The entire scientist community were struggling to save the environment at all cost, and what did they get? A virus, which shook the entire human race and made it seem true similar attacks are also possible in the future. And at this juncture, only science and medicine have come forward to the rescue and not any stupid old faiths and practices.

The entire human global community has been forced to participate in a test paper they never even thought in their wildest dreams. They have never studied the subject content – Corona Virus, preventing its outbreak, treatment of the sick, social distancing and economic lockdown. The rules differ for every country as the circumstances are so confusing.

There are many persons and communities around the world who are in lockdown phase or safe homes. Yes, it is boring not to move out of homes, and in this situation, it is wise to practise restraint.

When the World Trade Center got destroyed, every country wanted to suppress terrorism. Now, every country wants to eliminate Covid-19 from all parts of the world.

Some countries are in a complete shut-down phase. Also, countries and Governments which have a strong local presence in the form of community centers have easily come out of the Corona crisis. It is only where the local population does not cater to community circles and have to depend on outside vendors for their food have been hit the worst.

How Has Medical Science Helped In This Situation?

You should not forget the fact that more than 50 doctors in Italy have succumbed due to Covid- 19. A medical professional is doing his/her job by treating Covid-19 patients, but constant exposure may lead them to get infected. The Governments of respective affected countries should take every step in the book to ensure the medical professionals are given the best supplies and suitable resources to take care of themselves.

The entire medical fraternity is facing a shortage of medical equipment – right from medical masks to hospital beds. Very soon, a shortage of skilled medical professionals may arise if the same situation continues. It is up to you, the general public to stop the outspread of this virus. You need to follow the instructions as specified by your Government.

How Can You Help In This Situation?

Just pray to the SUPREME POWER, that the countries affected do not suffer from any other natural calamity – such as floods, famine or cyclones. At the same time, let us sincerely hope that the number of fatalities due to the virus should not experience a steep climb.

Why Should You Read This Article?

There may be many among you, who will feel a little awkward about reading this article in this dire situation when some countries are facing severe problems. Some may, even consider, this article has been published at this uncertain, unusual time as it talks about being positive at all times. But, please note, as mentioned in the very first paragraph of this article, staying positive is the best way to become successful in this time of crisis brought about by the Corona Virus.

Traveling back to the US, I recommend the online check-in since the queues at London Heathrow are normally dreadful. You can also then chose a seat as near to the main exit door as possible. This is helpful since it gets you to the front of the lines at immigration, which can save about half an hour on occasion.

If you have any winning travel tips, let me know. I’m already looking for International Insurance, I’m off to Asia in November and have several other trips to London lined up before the year is out, so I’m open to any tips you can share. You can also see this for more places to travel.

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