Google launches free web site analytics service

Logo Ga-1Google has launched a free web site analytics service which helps companies and bloggers to see how visitors interact with their site and to tailor their advertising accordingly.

Many of you may recall that back March of this year, Google acquired the San Diego-based website analytics company Urchin. In the months to follow, Google renamed the service to “Google Analytics” and reduced the services original monthly service from $495 to $199. Well, this past week Google took yet another step forward in the website statistics / analytics direction and launched a free version of their Web analytics service – one that will let companies see exactly how visitors interact with their website and how their advertising campaigns are faring. You can also contact the web development company Utah for the right guidance for your website.

What’s interesting about this Google Analytics UTM builder?

Most UTM builder tools will try to force you into a specific workflow. Terminus takes the opposite approach. It’s designed to be as flexible as possible. Terminus actually consists of several UTM building tools and not just one UTM URL builder.

The Free Version

Google Analytics will allow website owners the ability to see exactly where visitors are coming from, what links on the site are getting the most traffic, what pages visitors are viewing, how long people stay on the site, which products on merchant sites are being sold and where people give up in multi-step checkout processes.

Google AdWords Integration

In addition, Google Analytics will be integrated with Google AdWords and will offer a new interface within existing AdWords accounts. Google Analytics will include a feature that automatically imports the cost data for return on investment (ROI) reports into the Google Analytics program so advertisers can see how much they’re paying for keywords compared with how much money they’re making off them. In addition, Online Marketers will be able to use the service to track banner, e-mail, non-paid, and paid search advertising campaigns from other ad service providers.