No turkey for Xbox 360 team

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Looks like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 PR team will be working over the Thanksgiving break following reports that the new Xbox 360 console crashes. There are screen shots up on Flickr here too. After all the hype, it’s inevitable that there’d be some kind of backlash. The comments up on Flickr suggest the problem highlighted in this shot might simply be loose connections. Meanwhile a poll conducted on an Xbox Scene forum reports about 15% of the devices could be affected.

One takeaway here for consumer brands is how customers can share images of their experience and those images then spread to forums, blogs and fan sites. You might prepare your product and screen shots carefully in the studio, but users will also create their own which seem far more authentic. There are currently 4,723 images tagged Xbox up on Flickr at the moment for instance. So you can’t spin the visual message either – you have to bake it right into the product.

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