15 things to consider when choosing new office space

Stopping off in Boston for 24 hours, helping to choose new office space. Here are the things to consider when selecting a new location for your PR firm:

– Size – obviously needs to accommodate growth without undue financial burden during ramp up

– Lease length – shorter means greater flexibility but lower incentive to spend on fit out

– Building type – often a trade off between good building systems and character

– Shape – PR firms need open plan space, good meeting rooms and some private offices

– Quality – balance between staff requirements and the client’s expectations (they’re paying)

– Location – near the media and analysts, not too far from clients

– Logistics – has to be easy for staff to get to, with plenty of public transport

– Surroundings – best if it’s near bars, restaurants etc where the team can socialize and entertain

– Views – they’ve all got them but what is it of?

– Safety – don’t want to run the gauntlet just getting to work

– Landlord – reputable? Helpful? Solvent?

– Competitors – close but not in the same building

– Lease – detailed without being onerous (but most are fairly onerous it has to be said)

– Timing – don’t want too much overlap and needs to be ready when you are

– Price – it all boils down to this when it comes down to it

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