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Oops – Gawker’s giving some poor PRO from Weber Shandwick the treatment today for repeatedly pitching an irrelevant story about KFC giveaways:

“Now, as people who have at least a glancing familiarity with this website, you probably realize that giveaway offers by national fast-food chains do not, typically, fall within our coverage area. One would expect even the soulless flacks responsible for publicizing giveaway offers by national fast-food chains to be aware of this.”

It then goes on to publish the flack’s name and his entire email pitch, calling him Moron Publicist of the Month. Not really something you want on your resume. At least Weber now has some solid proof to take to KFC that this story ain’t gonna fly.

I feel a bit sorry for the junior flack in question since he probably didn’t write the story or decide to PR it. Who knows, perhaps his boss will step in and leap to his defense. Unless she’s chicken. [Oh dear sorry about that].

Credits to Scott Baradell for spotting this.

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