CoComment – tracking your blog comments

Robert Scoble flagged a useful new tool yesterday called CoComment. The beta app tracks each comment you make on a blog and alerts you via RSS about any subsequent comments. If you have trouble tracking where you have made comments and then seeing if there have been any replies, this could be a good solution. I signed up to the beta trial yesterday and received an invite promptly this morning.

Every time you make a comment, all you do is hit the CoComment bookmark on your browser and it captures the URL and post into a central page on the CoComment site called ‘Your Conversations’. If you check the TeamBlog, there’s already a hack which automates this so you don’t have to remember to capture each comment.

Bloggers can also display the comments they have made and the associated conversations on their own blogs.

Judging by the 100 or so comments so far on Scoble’s post, it looks pretty popular.

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