Stay read damnit

I’m having a problem with NetNewsWire, my RSS reader. I have a number of Technorati, IceRocket, PubSub and Feedster alerts set up to track topics, links etc. When something new crops up, it shows in NetNewsWire in bold as unread. I read it, and it grays out. But then it pops back up again as unread. I re-read it – no change. Grays out. Ping – it’s back. Is there something new – some new nugget of info included in the post which means I should take another look? Nope. NetNewsWire is just crying wolf. Not just once or twice, but over and over and over. Even if I ‘Mark As Read’ the entire feed, and nothing new comes in to that feed, soon it just shows up as unread once more.

Is this a problem with NNW or with the feeds themselves perhaps? I would have thought NWW can recognize that the content is identical and has been read, so there’s no need to refresh its alerts. And since it happens across so many search sites, it seems unlikely to be their republishing the results? Or could it? I don’t get this problem with the blogs I subscribe to. Once something is good and read, it stays read.

What’s up? Should I try a new reader or just accept that these alerts are going to pretend to be new when in fact they’re yesterday’s news.

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