New PR blog and a few I missed

While in Singapore, I met [Mr. X – name subsequently removed since this is a semi-anonymous blog], who edits Media Connect Asia’s content about PR and technology journalism in SE Asia, along with colleague, Tan Lili. [Mr X] has recently started a blog – The Media Slut. It’s the only blog about PR and the media in Singapore that I’m aware of and is mainly a photoblog, which is kind of refreshing.

I’d also missed a few other PR blogs which have been going for some time. The first is Alan Weinkrantz’ PR Web Log. Alan works with Jeff Pulver, among others, and provides insight into the campaigns he runs – see here for news about VON.

I don’t know how I missed the second, but it’s Text 100’s blog – HYPERtext. My former protege, Pete Jacob, who is now European sales and marketing supremo at the agency, has a report on German uber-conference, CeBIT. I have a love-hate relationship with CeBIT. It’s so fantastically huge you can get to meet all the movers and shakers in techdom and see exactly what new trends are coming up at a stroke – Pete mentions RFID where we’re seeing a new generation of companies coming through. But it’s also so huge that you can entirely miss all those movers and shakers and the most interesting new launches for exactly that reason. It takes a whole lot of shoe leather to get across 26 halls.

Glad to see Pete is still playing the game of craziest technology at the show – robot luggage is a good one. I also think there should be a prize for most boring booth – my previous winners being the company which sells rubber keypads for calculators and the firm which sells printer ink by the sack load. Not the makings of the most exciting booths, I’m afraid.

While on the topic of Text 100, be sure to subscribe to CEO Aedhmar Hynes’ new blog – Monday Morning, where each week – yes on a Monday – you can get her latest thoughts and perspectives. Aedhmar is one of the leaders in our industry and well worth listening to – here’s what to expect:

As an avid reader of both ‘traditional’ and ‘new’ media, my blog will be a weekly reflection on how these diaglogues affect the public relations industry and the companies we support. The weekend is a great time to catch up on my reading, so Monday Morning will be a reflection of the writing that intrigued me the most.

Until Monday then – when I’ll be back in San Francisco.

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