New restroom supplies

I’ve been in two minds about whether to share this. It’s a mass email from our office landlords here in SF that went to all tenants. Thought you should know in case you ever visit. It’s an important missive. About toilet paper. OMG.

Dear Tenants,

You may have noticed that the Building made a change in restroom supplies. We changed the toilet tissue to one that is more environmentally friendly. The new toilet tissue does not have a cardboard center, it actually has no core so there is no waste with the new toilet tissue as the entire roll is used. In order to use this toilet tissue in the buildings’ existing dispensers, an adaptor is required. With this adaptor, the toilet tissue is placed in the dispenser with the toilet tissue dispensing under the roll with the plastic adaptor bar at the back of the roll. Occasions where the adaptor bar would fall forward are if one tries to re-roll excess tissue back onto the roll or if one is trying to remove tissue over the top of the roll. All that is necessary to return the adaptor bar to the back of the dispenser is to push the adaptor bar back.

We realize this is a change and that some individuals may prefer the old method of toilet tissue dispensing, however, we hope that all the tenants can appreciate the buildings’ efforts to become more and more environmentally conscientious. Thank you for your cooperation.

So, sorry if you prefer the ‘old method of toilet tissue dispensing’, and be warned all you re-rollers.