Eleven years at LEWIS

Just realized that I’ve been with my agency, LEWIS PR, for 11 years. I joined on April Fool’s Day in 1996. Wow, that’s quite a good stint in agency land. I still find it odd that staffers think the best way up the ladder is to hop from firm to firm. You don’t always gain experience that way, even if it does give you a new title. There is a lot to be said for fully understanding the culture and being an integral part of forging a company’s history.

Anyway, I’m back in sunny London for a few days. Good to catch up with friends, family and a few agency lags, as well as to meet some new faces. The office has had a refit with news-laden plasma screens at every turn. A far cry from the cramped digs above a curry house when we started…[cue Pythonesque reminiscence and fade].

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