Yet one more twit

I’ve been resisting Twitter since I’m evidently already struggling to maintain my current channels of communication via email, IM, SL, VoIP, blog, RSS, phone, face to face(!). But today email went down which left me in need of a comms fix and with a few spare minutes to catch up. So bosh goes a belated Gmail on my new BB Pearl, Google Reader and a sign up to Twitter.

First reaction is that noise to signal ratio is going to be high. The companion app, Twitterific looks like a good way to contain the river of news. River is a good analogy since there is some valuable cargo and some sewage floating downstream. But in terms of conversations with people, it looks good.

I’m relatively friendless with fewer followers, but a quick look shows many of the bloggerati already there. If you want to add me, I’m at

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