To blogroll or not?

For the last few years, I’ve used Blogrolling to manage and update my blogroll. Given blogrolls are somewhat lapsed in their popularity now, I’ll admit I’ve neglected mine. There are many blogs I read which aren’t there and several which have since stopped, but I quite like the vintage feel.

That is until now, when I’ve just discovered that Blogrolling has started doing those damnable ad bars across the top. OK it’s a free service so I shouldn’t be surprised but it’s a stealth introduction. It never used to do that.

Question is, do people use blogrolls any more? In an age of realtime search, and the mass-proliferation of PR and social media blogs, is it worth the attempt?

Meantime, my apologies for those who have been exposed to these ads. I’m leaving the blogroll there until I’ve decided what to do, but just close the ads if you go see my friends. I’m sure they wouldn’t want them across the top of their blogs.