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Moving from Typepad to WordPress

Since 2004, this blog has be hosted on SixApart’s Typepad platform. At that time Typepad was the easiest way to create and manage a personal or business blog. Over the last six years, it has fallen behind other platforms, most notably Wordpress with its large community of developers. Time to jump ship. In fact, long overdue.

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How to set up a blog using WordPress.com

I’m trying out WordPress using WordPress.com’s free hosting service. My main blog, Morgan McLintic on PR, is hosted on Typepad, which has had some outage problems recently. I like Typepad but as a precaution, I…

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WordPress hosted on Yahoo!

WordPress Development Blog: Following last week’s announcement that Yahoo! will host SixApart’s Movable Type blog platform, WordPress.org has unveiled a similar service for WordPress 2.0 hosting with Yahoo! Technorati Tags: WordPress, SixApart