Do you put your blog on your business card?

I went to a mixer event attended by several blogging companies, RSS and podcasting firms last night. No-one had their personal or corporate blog on their business card. How long before it’s as normal to include this as telephone number, email and web address?

I personally have my blog and agency blog in my email footer, but not on my card. About to get reprints, so perhaps it’s time to make the leap?

  • Jeff Jarvis has said he has two business cards. One for his blog ( and one for his normal day job.

  • PR Miscellany – May 13, 2005

  • Interesting. My day job and my blog are inter-related and I don’t plan to have cards specifically for introducing myself as a blogger (or any other pursuit eg runner, skier etc). Part of this is the merging of one’s personal life and professional career. For me, they are both integrated so I have no problem.
    From a corporate standpoint though, if I put my personal blog on my company card, does the agency start to endorse my perspective despite my disclaimer? I’m not sure all companies would be comfortable with that.

  • I say go for it. If you already have your blog on your email footer, that’s as much a company endorsement as putting it on your business card. You’ve got a really interesting blog – help as many people as possible find it. Plus it positions you as a forward thinker in this space – and that’s got to be good for someone in IT PR!

  • Come on Morgan, get a Gaping Void card just for your blog. It’s almost mandatory, and I just ordered mine!

  • David – thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated. Point taken on the email footer thing. I think it’s probably a yes then isn’t it?
    Jeremy – Gaping Void cracks me up. Less humorously, but more usefully, I have a map to get to my offices on the back of my card already. And a photo on the front. Good for people to remember who you are. Or throw darts at you.

  • Oh, Morgan, please tell me that there’s not really a photo of you on the card. Now, I need to shtick you about being a real estate agent. Do you have a photo of you on the phone, smiling, like my Mom does?
    Does Spin Bunny know about the photos?

  • Cheeky pup. Yep it’s us, realtors and Kodak. Sadly not on the phone and heavily photoshopped to look normal. You may mock but it’s a great ice-breaker and I’m immortally young…

  • I worked with Kodak, so I have a Rolodex full of those cards – but, um, it’s a photographic company, so that makes sense.