Dan Gillmor previews Bayosphere

Dan Gillmor previews his new venture, Bayosphere which will launch soon. There are no RSS feeds yet and you have to log in to comment or submit ideas or articles. It looks like an interesting venture uniting his drive for citizen journalism and community. The tone seems to be one of humble experimentation with Gillmor as the host, so I’m sure the project will be watched closely as it develops:

I’ve moved my blog to Bayosphere, where I’ll report and comment on the Silicon Valley technology community — and a whole lot more including my observations about the burgeoning arena that’s variously called citizen journalism, personal publishing, grassroots media and a lot of other things. They all have something in common: the read-write Web.

As you’ll see in days and weeks to come, I’ll be one of many voices, including yours. I’m a host here, not The Editor. Communities have values; we’ll have the kind that make this a place we want to share with visitors and each other. So while our postings and conversations will frequently be impassioned, they’ll also be civil. Beyond that, we’ll be adding tools that make it easy to join in and to do good work, often collaborating with others.