Blogging means you are on the record – all the time

BloggingMy firm is promoting the upcoming Under the Radar event at the end of May. At the pre-event mixer on Wednesday, a colleague of mine described the event as ‘American Idol for Venture Capital’ during one of our conversations with Eric Rice. It was an off-the-cuff remark, and actually quite a good analogy. One which Eric picked up on and then blogged.

That’s fine since Eric is a well-known blogger (and founder of Audioblog, one of the shortlisted companies), and the event is quite like that. But it’s not always that transparent. Bloggers don’t always wear their blogs on their t-shirt. From a PR perspective, this is awkward since effectively it means that all company staff should consider the potential for anything they say being blogged and entering the general consciousness.

Effectively, you could be on the record, all the time with anyone you talk to.

And unless you are listening, you won’t even know it.