David Rossiter launches UK IT PR blog

Analyst Insight blogger, David Rossiter, who also runs a tech PR firm in the UK, has launched a PR blog named, PR Insights. I’m looking forward to reading his perspectives, since I find his views on the UK analyst scene very useful. Almost immediately he’s picked up another new UK IT PR blog by Anthony Mayfield who also runs a PR firm. I think it’s Insight Marketing, but apologies to Anthony if not.

UPDATE – Anthony Mayfield is with Harvard PR, part of Chime Communications, as David clarifies in the comments below.

  • And yet more new PR blogs

    Thanks to Morgan McLintic of LEWIS for the news about two new PR blogs: PR Insights by David Rossiter and Open,
    a blog by “a director at a corporate communications company
    specialising in clients in the Technology Media Telecom (TMT) sector”

  • Hi Morgan
    I should have made this clearer! Antony is a director at Harvard PR, which – like Sunesis, the business I run – is also part of Chime.

  • Thanks for the clarification David. I’ll correct this above.