My Trade – A Short History of British Journalism by Andrew Marr

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My Trade – A Short History of British Journalism by Andrew Marr, former political correspondent for the BBC, is now out in paperback. I picked up a copy on the way back from London on Sunday. I can’t offer a full review since I’m still reading it, but if you are interested in the history of Fleet Street, what makes a story a story, what an editor does, how investigative reporters get their scoops, who the icons of British journalism are, how broadcast news bulletins are put together, how political reporting works and how technology is impacting journalism, then it’s worth a look.

Marr has been a broadcast reporter, a print journalist and a radio presenter so has a good perspective of UK journalism from the last 20 years. It’s written with a cynical and self-depricating wit based on first-hand experience which keeps the pace moving along, while covering sufficient detail to give you an insider’s view. Certainly one which any UK PR pro should have on their bookshelf. Preferably having read it.

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  • It’s a good read isn’t it? I found it more interesting than Jon Snow’s recent book which I bought at the same time. For me though, the best two media books I’ve read recently are the diaries of Piers Morgan and the autobiography of Greg Dyke. Both absolutely cracking insights into the UK media world of recent years.

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