WiFi on the plane

On the topic of travel, the Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to SF via Hong Kong has wireless Internet access for $29.95. I didn’t try it since I already had over 1,000 emails to read en route, but that’s a reasonable price for 15 hours’ flight time. This is the service Singapore Airlines is offering with Boeing. Initially I thought having wifi on the plane would be intrusive if people make Skype calls, and I guess there’s still that potential, but actually it’s pretty handy to know you can contact people and triage your mail if you want.

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  • I would love to hear from someone how well the wifi on the plane works. I would definitely pay that for internet access.

  • Yeah, it’s a good price. I paid pretty much the same for connection in my hotel. Afraid I don’t know about the speed. I’d hope for simple web surfing and mail checking it would be adequate, but it’s early days.
    Interesting to me was that this seemed to be a fairly old 747 (still had ash trays – is that an indicator?), so I am assuming it was a retrofit. If so, that means it could get rolled out to the whole fleet and into other airlines fairly soon, rather than as new planes come into service.
    BTW – they are advertising the new A380 everywhere in Singapore.

  • New Airbus planes are going to have broadband internet access built in. And you know the real fun part? Mobile phone access too!

  • Mobile phones on planes – groan. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.