Reality Twittervision

Check out Twittervision for a mashup of Twitter with geolocation data. It gives you a world map with each ‘tweet’ popping up in realtime. It’s reality TV, web 2.0-style. Massively trivial and disjointed but also strangely compelling.

Meantime, Twitterific 2.0 beta is out.

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  • It looks great doesn’t it… but I’ve found it somehow (server location?) says people I know who live in Manchester (UK) or London are Twittering out of the US and Canada respectively! Any ideas??

  • Hi Simon – that’s odd. I initially thought it took the City location you entered on registration but that doesn’t make sense with what you have seen and sharing that personal info is not usual, and most probably didn’t enter data into that field.
    I’m guessing but expect it takes your IP address which you broadcast when you Tweet. If this is a static address (eg company) it will know the location, and if dynamic (eg from ISP) then it should know the area.
    If there are anomalies then it could be a) that your friends are using it at work running over a VPN which has its access to the Internet in Canada or b) using a dynamic address which has been reallocated by a large ISP to another area of its network but is attributed to the ISP’s main POP.
    That’s just a guess though. Be interested to know for sure.