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Don’t forget the human factor!

The AlwaysOn team have kindly transcribed my interview with David Kelley, CEO and founder of IDEO, during his keynote at the AO:2005 Innovation Summit [free subscription required]. Thanks guys. Technorati Tags: AlwaysOn

Trapping the power of the blogosphere

The final panel of the AlwaysOn conference talked about harnessing the power of the blogosphere. Time Inc, Technorati, Dan Gillmor, ThinkEquity, Forbes, Mayfield and AlwaysOn were all on the panel. Here are a few notes: Dave Sifry says Technorati is tracking 13.6m blogs, 11 posts a second (1m per day) and adding 110,000 new blogs […]

Mark Cuban’s keynote

Short notes from Mark Cuban’s session: IceRocket will be renamed BlogScour and compete with Technorati and PubSub. Individual podcasters will not make money but current content providers will use it as a new distribution mechanism. His film company, HDNet, will release films at the same time in theatres, on cable and DVD on the same […]

David Kelley’s keynote

Am sitting in the audience at AlwaysOn for Mark Cuban’s keynote. I have a few moments to enjoy the show following moderating David Kelley’s keynote. Our session seems to have been well received. We discussed the state of innovation, how companies can instill a culture of innovation, the stages in innovation and how to spot […]

AlwaysOn is ready to rock

The AlwaysOn 2005 Innovation Summit kicks off on Tuesday, and it’s lining up to be a great event [link requires free registration]. I met with many of the AO100 companies on Wednesday to walk through the PR around the Summit. At that point we had about 80 confirmed media and bloggers attending. Now we’re up […]