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If you can’t be great, be careful

‘The good is the enemy of the great.’ – unknown (Voltaire?) You don’t stay in a job unless you are good at it. Good is normal. Most people are good. They aren’t great. Most people don’t achieve anything truly remarkable, since good performance is common. Companies with good people are average. Only companies with great […]

How to have a great first week at your new job

Here are some tips for making a great impression in Week One at your new firm.

Do the things you hate

We hear a lot about following your passion. Doing what you love. And why would you do anything else if you want a satisfying and successful life? At the career-level this is good advice. But within your role, at the day-to-day level, I’d argue that you should actively do the things you hate. Not all […]

The time of your life

You may not realize it, but this is the time of your life. Deep in the depths of the darkest recession I hope we will all face in our lifetimes, you will discover your true mettle. How you respond to the waves of bad news which crash onto us on a daily basis, may well […]

How to: Get a job in PR

Here are a few guidelines to getting an entry-level job in PR. It’s easier to break into the industry in some countries compared to others due to employment laws, but these points should get you started: Definition – know what PR is and what it isn’t. I always ask candidates to tell me the difference […]