If you can’t be great, be careful

Excellent ‘The good is the enemy of the great.’ – unknown (Voltaire?)

don’t stay in a job unless you are good at it. Good is normal. Most
people are good. They aren’t great.

Most people don’t achieve
anything truly remarkable, since good performance is common. Companies
with good people are average.

Only companies with great people
are exceptional.

The great people deliver 80% of the revenues,
80% of the profits, 80% of the strategy, 80% of the ideas etc. And they
know it.

No number of good people can replace a great person. And
they know that too.

You only want great people. You don’t want
good people.

Great people don’t enjoy carrying good people.
They’ll find somewhere which is great.

Don’t be a good person. Be
great or get out.
Find something you are great at.

Don’t hire
good people. Hire great people.

What are you great at?