What are your posteriorities?

12007_ToDo We all know the advice to focus on our priorities. Get the hardest thing done first.

But what about the opposite – posteriorities? These are the things you should de-prioritize, focus on the least. Recognizing posteriorities will help you be more effective.

Broadly they are:

  • All the Not Important tasks which crop up, no matter how Urgent.
  • Anything which has been on your To Do list for a month – face it, you're not going to do it now.
  • 'Insecurity work' – any activity which makes you feel better about yourself but which doesn't progress a task eg checking your share prices, checking blog traffic.
  • All the tasks which are too easy for you that can be handled by someone else.
  • Banter – if it's just chit chat, save it for the pub.
  • Small stuff – group these up and do them at the end of the day when your energy levels are low. It might feel good to check little things off the list, but they are not a priority.

If you can spot posteriorities as they crop up, then you won't be sidetracked and will be able to focus on your Must Dos.