How to have a great first week at your new job

Here are some tips for making a great impression in Week One at your new firm.

1. Tear into it – on Day One, make a difference. Find a quick win on an important project and score some results. This will show you are a difference-maker.

2. Be a sponge – soak up as much information as you can. Read all the paperwork, handbooks, guides, and how-tos you are given at night, then implement them the next day.

3. Ask a lot of questions – find out all you need to know to do your new job.

4. Shake a lot of hands – make sure you have spoken to everyone in your office or department. Introduce yourself and try to remember names – you need to learn the influence network and find out who matters, and can help you.

5. Radiate energy – unless yours is a brand new position, you’ll be stepping into someone else’s shoes. The position may have been vacant for a while so the team will be delighted to see you. Put your shoulder to the wheel and make them glad you’ve arrived.

6. Learn the culture – this will take some time, but a good indicator is to see what makes people laugh. Nothing says newbie than someone who doesn’t gel with the culture, so learn the values the company prizes.

7. Socialize – grab lunch with your new co-workers and go for a beer afterwards, if you get the chance. Get to know them as people.

8. Say ‘we’ not ‘they’ – this will feel odd at first, but the sooner you can become one of ‘us’ and talk about what ‘we’ll’ be doing, the better. If ‘we’ still means your prior firm, that could be awkward.

9. Get to grips with the technology – especially the email system. Use the correct font, upload your photo to the IM system and intranet – make it look like you’ve been there for years.

10. Enjoy it – and say how much you enjoy it. It’s great to have new people on the team, and your enthusiasm will energize everyone.

I’m sure there are lots of other tips on creating a good impression in Week One. It’s been a while for me, so I’d love to hear any first-hand tips you might have.