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14 years at LEWIS PR

Today I celebrate my fourteenth anniversary at my agency, LEWIS PR. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone I've worked with (clients, partners and colleagues) during that time. It's been fun.

Why is the reputation of the PR industry so bad?

[I'm PRWEEK's guest blogger on the Insider this week. This is the first post in a series which is kindly being edited by Rose Gordon, News Editor. I'm cross posting it here, but if you have thoughts, please comment on the original post here.] The PR sector has been reputedly dead, dying, or making a […]

At LEWIS PR for 13 years

Today I celebrate thirteen full years at my agency, LEWIS PR. No joke. When I joined there were ten people. Three of those are still with the firm (Chris Lewis, Ilona Hitel and Andy Oliver, who joined two weeks before me). Now the company has 300 staff. I’ve worked with and met some brilliant people […]


You can now find all my updates to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, and PodBean on my Tumblelog – Morganutiae. If you’re unfamiliar with Tumblr it takes feeds from a number of social media sites and general RSS feeds and aggregates them in a lightweight, sparsely formatted blog. I’ve called mine Morganutiae because there’s probably […]

The Technical Transition

Just a quick pointer to an article I wrote for the International Public Relations Association about the increasingly technical nature of public relations. It seems to me that increasingly your ability to execute as a PR professional is a function of your technical ability. I’m citing the rise of social media, SEO, online video, podcasting […]

Eleven years at LEWIS

Just realized that I’ve been with my agency, LEWIS PR, for 11 years. I joined on April Fool’s Day in 1996. Wow, that’s quite a good stint in agency land. I still find it odd that staffers think the best way up the ladder is to hop from firm to firm. You don’t always gain […]

Going global and getting virtual

I had a great chat with Bulldog Reporter’s Brian Pittman last week about trends in media (social media/new media/citizen journalism – call it what you will), Second Life, and the internationalization of PR. He’s kindly posted his notes here. Thanks Brian! Technorati Tags: Brian Pittman, Second Life

I joined my agency ten years ago

Today is my tenth anniversary with my agency. That’s a pretty good stretch. In fact, if an agency has a 25% staff churn rate per annum, there is just a 5.6% chance of sticking around that long. Phew.

WITI Conference panel on Technologies, Marketing & the Media

I’m moderating a panel about Technologies, Marketing & Media in the New Millennium at the WITI Conference in San Diego on Tuesday, February 14. I’ll be joined by Vivian Lin, founder of Tangent Entertainment, Shital Mehta, chief creative officer at Shanth Interactive and Miro Copic, co-founder of BottomLine Marketing. Please be sure to look me […]

Photos from UK Blogging Seminar

I’ve posted some more shots taken by our photographer Liz Carrington, onto Flickr here. Thanks Liz. More on Loic’s Moblog here. Technorati Tags: BBC Online, LEWIS, Six Apart