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Should you be Facebook friends with your staff?

Should you be Facebook friends with your staff?

If you are a manager, should you be friends on Facebook with your team? The jury is out on whether it’s a good idea or not, but there are some areas of agreement and lessons to learn.

Why ignoring social media is like smoking

Why ignoring social media is like smoking

Smoking is bad for you, in fact potentially fatal. It’s hard to change behavior. Traditional marketing could also be commercially fatal. So why wait?

Video – Crisis management in social media

I wanted to share the full video (38:19) of our crisis management in social media webinar which we held earlier this month. This is a recording of the entire session, but we’ll be running it live again in the near future if you’d like to jump in with questions. My thanks once again to everyone […]

Webinar – Crisis management in a social media landscape

I’d like to personally invite you to our free crisis management webinar on Friday February 12, 2010 at 9.00am PT. Click here for details and sign up. Hope you can make it.

Overcoming social media stage-fright

So, you’re convinced of the benefits of social media. You’ve read the endless blog posts, emails, newsletters, case studies and even books about it. The theory is all there, but somehow, when it comes to actually drafting a post or recording a video, you just can’t do it. Don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal to […]

Seven ways social media changes crisis management [video]

Social media is changing crisis management. Here we look at seven ways that’s happening, for good and bad, right now.

The top 5 social media monitoring services [Poll results]

We recently ran a poll to find the most popular social media monitoring services in use today. Over 1,450 votes were cast (thanks!). The results are fascinating, not least because one of the most popular wasn't even on our radar, and the most high profile firms didn't attract the most votes. So here we go. […]

Navigating a crisis in a social media landscape [Slides/Flowchart]

At the Social Media World Forum earlier this week, Lucy Allen and I ran a workshop about crisis communications. It’s called ‘Red Alert – Navigating a crisis in a social media landscape’. As the title suggests it looks at how social media has changed very nature of the crises which impact a company, and what […]

How does social media affect crisis management?

Social media is making crisis management more important in public relations. It’s changing the number of crises, their speed, rate of proliferation and the response mechanism. Let’s look at the impact social media is having on crisis comms, and what that means to us as communicators: Frequency – there are more crises overall. Not the […]

Social media measurement – overview [video]

The how to measure six core areas of social media, the metrics to record and how to track them. All for free and in less than three minutes.