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Let’s make the conversation faster

Alternative microblogging/aggregation platform, FriendFeed relaunched today with a cascading conversation format that updates constantly. So fast in fact they had to insert a Pause button so you can read what people are saying and respond. It’s all about making the conversation faster – more input, in less time. But potentially too fast. Twitter was awash […]

Connecting Twitter and Facebook

Facebook’s Status and Twitter serve largely the same purpose – short updates on what you are doing. Updating both individually is duplication, meaning often people prefer either/or. But you can get them to mirror one another.* [See update below - choose just one of these]. Feeding Facebook’s Status with all your Twitter updates is relatively […]

Will Facebook replace [Insert social media tool here]?

I’ve just joined Facebook. I like it. I’ve made all the same friends that I have on other social networking sites like Ning and tools like Twitter. But there’s a big difference – Facebook has broader penetration, beyond the technorati (with a small t). Certainly in terms of monthly traffic it outshines most social media […]

Reality Twittervision

Check out Twittervision for a mashup of Twitter with geolocation data. It gives you a world map with each ‘tweet’ popping up in realtime. It’s reality TV, web 2.0-style. Massively trivial and disjointed but also strangely compelling. Meantime, Twitterific 2.0 beta is out. Technorati Tags: Twitter, Twitterific, Twittervision

Yet one more twit

I’ve been resisting Twitter since I’m evidently already struggling to maintain my current channels of communication via email, IM, SL, VoIP, blog, RSS, phone, face to face(!). But today email went down which left me in need of a comms fix and with a few spare minutes to catch up. So bosh goes a belated […]