In today’s newsreader

CNET: The future of bloggers – Wharton legal studies professor Dan Hunter puts blogging right up there with the printing press when it comes to sharing ideas and disseminating information. "This is not a fad," says Hunter. "It’s the rise of amateur content, which is replacing the centralized, controlled content done by professionals."

CNET: US blogger thwarts Canadian gag order – Canada’s long-standing practice of barring news organizations from disclosing what’s happening in certain court proceedings is being tested by Internet bloggers.

Blogrunner’s The Annotated Times: An aggregator blog which pulls together articles from The New York Times and ranks discussion of them. Interest here, here and here following Steve Rubel’s post yesterday.

Trust MEdia: How real people are finally being heard – nice white paper by Edelman and Intelliseek is proving popular. I’m impressed from my first look. Download your copy here.

Why are PR bloggers so anal? – wonders Pete Shinbach, bemoaning blogging being on the menu of PR blogs most of the time. Meanwhile Has the blogger backlash begun? – asks Mike Manuel at Media Guerrilla. Good questions.

Changing the subject… Pew released figures claiming that 6m Americans had tried podcasting. But then took it back: Pew research director Mary Madden believes the numbers of people actually using the Internet to broadcast and/or download pods is smaller than the 6 million figure cited in the organization’s latest study, however. (from Newsfactor)

Jeremy Pepper releases not one but two articles in his excellent PR Face2Face interviews. This time with IABC bigwigs.

And last, but by no means least, Constantin Basturea et al announce that preparations for Global PR Blog Week 2.0 have begun.