Spin Bunny shuts down

Spin Bunny, the UK PR gossip blog, has shut down following a gagging order from an undisclosed UK PR firm. Seems the authors are unwilling to contest the gagging order in court in order to protect their own anonymity, so have opted to close the site.

Spin Bunny seemed to have a particular ax to grind about my agency, LEWIS, as I’ve highlighted before. Even in one of its final posts it took another swipe having become confused about the company’s date of incorporation (1989) and its entrance into PR (1995). The intervening years having been Chris Lewis’ freelance journalism career which laid the foundations for setting up the PR firm. While I don’t agree with anonymous gossip mongering, I was enjoying the odd joust and Chris’ latest retort using lyrics from a comical 80s pop group. Seems though, that the authors aren’t willing to step up and put their name to their words, which is a little disappointing. One of the drawbacks of blogging is that it allows people to hide behind a pseudonym where there’s no real need to do so.

So, bye bye Bunny. It was fun (kinda).