How many blogs really matter?

Dale Wolf, author of Context Rules Marketing, highlights some interesting subscription statistics from RSS aggregator, Bloglines:

According to Jim Lanzone, Senior Vice President of Search Properties at Ask Jeeves, there are 36,000 blogs that “really matter” since they have 20+ subscribers. That means only a small percentage of blogs have enough relevant material to gather a community around them.

The thing that is generally useful from Lanzone’s analysis is that subscriptions for blog feeds through Bloglines gives us a relative understanding of the blog world:

Level 1 — 36,000 blogs that are serious enough to garner 20 subscribers.

Level 2 — 14,363 blogs that have +50 subscribers

Level 3 — 437 blogs that have +1,000 subscribers

Level 4 — 60 blogs that have +5,000 subscribers

Level 5 — only one blog with +50,000 subscribers

The lonely most popular blog? Slashdot.

[Via Octavio Rojas Orduna]

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