Please resubscribe to my blog feed

I have a quick favor to ask – that you resubscribe to my blog’s RSS feed. Why? Well, to be honest it won’t benefit you greatly, but I’d like to consolidate all those who subscribe to this blog onto a single Feedburner feed. Many of you will be using the direct feed which Typepad provides, which is fine for getting content, but means I can’t track how many people are subscribing. Feedburner provides subscriber numbers, so this is really a bit of a selfish request.

There are some benefits to you, dear reader, in that Feedburner provides services allowing you to email a post to someone else or to quickly add it to your bookmarks. It also means I can splice in other content, if and when that’s required.

Housekeeping really. I hope it won’t take you too long – there are some buttons on the right hand side and the feed address is:

My thanks in advance.

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