Poll results: Don’t restrict blogging skills to a separate practice

Over sixty percent of you feel that blogging, podcasting and vcasting skills should not be locked up in an ivory tower within an agency. It’s important for all PR consultants to have an understanding of these channels in their PR toolkit.

In fact, many felt that having a ‘blogging practice’ (which I’m using as a loose term to incorporate all these social media channels) is far too restrictive. John Wagner says it’s like having a ‘press release’ practice, and I agree.

Interestingly though, almost forty percent felt there is an opportunity for a separate practice within agencies to handle these channels. Some, like Joseph Thomley’s firm, have set up branded practices to evangelize social media internally and externally. It’ll be interesting to see how these practices develop or whether they’ll be reintegrated back into the mother firm, as happened with web design practices in the 90s. You can check informative post for about the web design.

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Either way, it seems clear that these technologies are changing the way PR firms work with clients, and the services they offer those clients.