Speaking of Salesforce

Notes from Marc Benioff ‘s keynote at AlwaysOn – The Code Ahead

Question – why are companies not using SaaS more for their email, when as consumers we are comfortable using Gmail, Hotmail etc? Yahoo and Google both offer small business hosted email solutions, but companies continue to use Exchange ‘which is the worst piece of technology in the whole industry’. Benioff predicts that we are on the cusp of a change in that dynamic.

Marc Benioff’s ten imperatives of successful on-demand business software:

  • Multi-tenant
  • 99.9% availability and 300 milliseconds per transaction – reliability, performance, security and transparency (of that performance)
  • One to 10,000+ users of the same instance
  • Easy meta-customization transcends versions
  • Standard web services APIs deliver easy integration
  • Mashups – composite web services apps
  • Replicated development environment-as-a-service
  • App exchanges and directories eg development of widgets
  • Multi-applicaion execution as a service
  • Write once, run anywhere

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