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Adium – Multilingual IM for Mac

Many communications professionals now regularly use Instant Messaging to correspond with clients, reporters, partners and co-workers for those one-to-one urgent matters where emails might get lost or are too slow. Since IM networks like Yahoo,…

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Katrina dominates blogosphere

More than 5.5% of all blog posts are about Hurricane Katrina, according to Intelliseek’s Blogpulse tool. It’s clear that many of those posts also discuss President Bush, as can be seen in the sharp uptick…

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Typepad enables Podcasting

Typepad, the hosted blogging service, has enabled its users to start podcasting. The platform will now recognize multimedia files (such as MP3, AVI even QuickTime formats) which are uploaded and distribute them via a dedicated…

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Unleashing Tiger

While on the subject of Apple, I finally installed Apple’s new OS, Tiger yesterday which includes a powerful new search function, called Spotlight, and its much-vaunted Dashboard with Widgets. Widgets are small applications, such as…

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AirTunes – unseen on WiFi network

I was recently given an AirPort Express with AirTunes wireless base station, which is supposed to connect iTunes to remote speakers over a wireless network. I’m having a bit of trouble getting it to work…

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Please let this mean that our dear friends at PRWEEK are finally upgrading their web servers and international sites. I only raise this since I had wanted to link to the Intellisync stories mentioned below…

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Mark Cuban’s keynote

Short notes from Mark Cuban’s session: IceRocket will be renamed BlogScour and compete with Technorati and PubSub. Individual podcasters will not make money but current content providers will use it as a new distribution mechanism….